Canada News

A Canadian program designed to speed up the hiring of foreign talent is attracting thousands of tech workers and other skilled employees, ma ...(Read more)

Four people were shot at a rally celebrating the Toronto Raptors’ first NBA championship on Monday afternoon, according to police, ami ...(Read more)

Quebec's contentious secularism bill banning religious symbols for teachers, police officers and other public servants in positions of a ...(Read more)

The NDP says it's willing to withhold federal healthcare funding for provinces with barriers to abortion. "In order for the provin ...(Read more)

An independent senator is on a mission to get members of Canada's upper house to stop being so nasty to each other on social media. Ton ...(Read more)

The federal government is releasing a national strategy on dementia today that focuses on preventing the affliction, supporting caregivers a ...(Read more)

Prisoner isolation, declared unconstitutional 18 months ago, will remain legal for now after Canada’s top court granted Ottawa’s ...(Read more)

The federal Liberals say a new program to help new buyers pay for their first home will kick in on Labour Day. The program that will help c ...(Read more)

Researchers say they have discovered a plant in Canada that not only eats insects, but also feeds on at least one amphibious creature. The ...(Read more)

Mirvish Productions says it’s cancelling plans to attempt the world’s largest screech-in at a Toronto performance of “Come ...(Read more)

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