Canada News

As a Canada-U.S. trade dispute threatens to grow nastier, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is encouraging Canadians to travel and spend at home ...(Read more)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today that Canadians will be able to consume marijuana recreationally without criminal penalties sta ...(Read more)

Another of Canada's largest business groups is warning that Ottawa needs to act now to lower corporate taxes or risk a continued exodus ...(Read more)

Federal officials are proposing changes to national beer standards that would widen the number of ingredients permitted in a pint and force ...(Read more)

Canada’s top public servant says Parliament needs to consider legislative changes that would give the government more power to fire pu ...(Read more)

Liberal MP Karina Gould made history back in March when she became the first cabinet minister to have a baby while in office. On Tuesday, ...(Read more)

Canadian border guards have been screening travellers using a huge, secretive US anti-terrorism database that is almost never referred to pu ...(Read more)

A disappointed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday that he was planning an intervention after learning that Ontario premier-designa ...(Read more)

Toronto police say they've taken down a large portion of a street gang with international ties after an early morning raid that involved ...(Read more)

Ottawa has quietly renewed the equalization formula to keep its current form to 2024, a move it said it clearly communicated to the province ...(Read more)

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