Liberals to campaign for tightening handgun

Category : Canada News
Updated On : June 19, 2019 02:12 AM
By Indian Times Daily

The federal Liberals will not legislate a national handgun ban, but will campaign next fall on allowing municipalities like Toronto to enact additional restrictions on handguns, says Bill Blair, the federal minister in charge of the file.

Toronto got another sickening taste of gun violence Monday when four people were injured in a shooting during the massive Raptors victory rally.

Blair, the former Toronto police chief and minister in charge of border security and organized crime, said in an interview the Liberals will propose banning “assault style” firearms but they believe an outright handgun ban would not significantly enhance public safety and would be too expensive for questionable benefit.

That confirms what the Star first reported in December — that the Liberal government would stop short of an outright handgun ban, and would focus instead on prohibiting “assault style” firearms. The potential cost for Ottawa to buy back handguns that Canadians had legally purchased and owned under current laws was pegged by federal sources as high as $2 billion.

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