Lloyd Axworthy to lead election mission

Category : Canada News
Updated On : March 13, 2019 10:20 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Former foreign affairs minister Lloyd Axworthy will lead Canada's election observation mission to Ukraine as concerns mount that Russia may interfere in the country's democratic process, CBC News has learned.

"Mr. Axworthy will head the Canadian delegation of short- and long-term elections observers deployed to Ukraine," said a release obtained by CBC News.

"Together, they will observe all aspects of the presidential and legislative elections, including monitoring the participation of women, internally displaced persons and minorities in the electoral process."

Axworthy, who served under former prime minister Jean Chretien, led the Organization of American States election observation mission to Peru in 2006.

The release also states that Canada will provide funding to counteract the "negative impact of disinformation" in the electoral process as well as supporting electoral reform and efforts to get more women to participate in the the country's elections.

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