Longest stretch of cold in 21 yrs in Calgary

Category : Canada News
Updated On : February 12, 2019 10:10 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Many Canadians have been battling unusually cold weather since the beginning of February. Record low temperatures have been shattered throughout the country and winter weather warnings have become commonplace.

The city of Calgary is also being affected by this polar vortex weather pattern, with daytime highs as much as 23-degrees below average.

February is typically the third coldest month of the year in Calgary with daytime highs averaging from -2 C to 1 C and overnight lows of -13 C to -11 C.

Since Feb. 2, the city of Calgary has not made it above -11 C at all, and has dropped down to overnight lows of -29 C. The mean temperature from Feb. 2 to Feb. 10 ranged from -18 C to –26.2 C. The last time Calgary had a stretch of weather with mean temperatures this cold was in January 1998. For 12 days starting Jan. 2, the mean temperature ranged from -21.3 C to -30.2 C.

According to Environment Canada’s historical data, there have been days that were colder over the past 21 years, but there has not been a stretch of weather that was consistently as cold as what the city is experiencing now.

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