NDP win Regina Northeast byelection

Category : Canada News
Updated On : September 13, 2018 09:58 PM
By Indian Times Daily

The Saskatchewan New Democrats have won the Regina Northeast byelection.

NDP candidate Yens Pedersen has taken the seat that was previously held by former finance minister and Saskatchewan Party member Kevin Doherty.

Pedersen captured about 53 per cent of the votes, besting Saskatchewan Party candidate Gary Grewal, his closest rival, who had about 39 per cent.

Pedersen, a Regina lawyer, has previously served as president of the Saskatchewan NDP and once ran for the party leadership.

The results mean the Saskatchewan Party has 48 seats in the legislature and the NDP 13.

Doherty resigned from cabinet last fall and quit politics in March to take a job with a consulting firm in Alberta.

He had considered a leadership run to replace former premier Brad Wall last year, but decided to back current Premier Scott Moe instead.

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