Nearly 700,000 votes cast in advance polls

Category : Canada News
Updated On : April 14, 2019 10:24 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Saturday was the final day of advance voting in the 2019 Alberta spring election and after five days, 696,000 advance votes have been cast according to Elections Alberta.

During the 2015 election, around 235,000 votes were cast in advance.

"We're thrilled with the turnout at the advance polls this election," Drew Westwater, deputy chief electoral officer for Alberta, said Saturday afternoon.

"We anticipated there would be more because there was an additional day of advance polling being added and because you could vote anywhere."

In a new feature of this year’s advance polling, Alberta voters could cast ballots at any of the early voting stations in the province, not just the station in their own riding.

Elections Alberta reported that 223,000 “vote anywhere” ballots were cast in the advance polls.

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