NS ponders paying for border agents

Category : Canada News
Updated On : January 11, 2019 11:59 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Nova Scotia is considering footing the bill for U.S. border security agents in Maine serving the privately run ferry to Yarmouth, N.S.

Transportation Minister Lloyd Hines said Thursday that nothing has yet been decided in talks with U.S. officials, but it could be part of the cost of doing business as the ferry moves to a new entry point.

The ferry is set to move to Bar Harbor from Portland, Maine, after Bay Ferries, the heavily subsidized private operator, struck a deal with the town last fall.

Although Hines wasn't direct when asked, he made it clear that the government wasn't opposed to paying for public servants in another country.

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Houston said paying for border security in another country is inappropriate and doesn't strike him as a "normal" cost of doing business.

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