Prove it Canada says to China

Category : Canada News
Updated On : March 13, 2019 10:13 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Canada has told China to prove its claims of contaminated Canadian canola because an investigation by Canadian officials found neither pests nor bacteria of concern in the oilseed shipped by Richardson International.

Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said the Canadian Food Inspection Agency “has requested that Customs China provide additional information, including specimens, so that the CFIA can further investigate the alleged detection.”

The usual practice under international agreements is for a country to supply detailed information about a contamination case to the country it was shipped from. So far Canada has received no information about Chinese complaints of a harmful pest in the canola.

Canada wants to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible, Bibeau said. “We are closely monitoring the situation and any potential impact on Canada’s agricultural trading relationship with China. We are in regular contact with industry stakeholders regarding this matter, and we will keep them informed as additional information becomes available.”

She said that past disputes with China on import requirements were resolved through continued engagement.

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