Raptors telecast to be thick with political

Category : Canada News
Updated On : June 11, 2019 12:18 AM
By Indian Times Daily

A new third-party political action group will make its television debut Monday night ahead of the Raptors playoff game with two 30-second spots that attack Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Global News has learned.

The ads come from a group called Shaping Canada’s Future, and they reprise the cast and theme of some advertising run by the Conservative Party of Canada during the 2015 election campaign — the so-called “job interview” ads in which a group of people looked over Trudeau’s resume and pronounced him “just not ready.” At the end of the ad, one of the actors in the spot observed: “Nice hair, though.”

Now, the same group of actors are back. In two separate ads, they review the Trudeau record and, not surprisingly, are unimpressed with it. There are no cracks this time, though, about Trudeau’s hair.

The people behind Shaping Canada’s Future and the source of its funding are about as opaque as its progressive-minded mirror, Engage Canada, which has been running a series of television, radio and online ads attacking Andrew Scheer as “weak” and likely to be just like Stephen Harper, Ontario Premier Doug Ford or Alberta Premier Jason Kenney.

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