Record-high gas prices frustrate BC drivers

Category : Canada News
Updated On : April 14, 2019 10:23 PM
By Indian Times Daily

High gas prices across the country -- including a record high in British Columbia -- are causing consumers to change their habits.

For the third time this week, gas prices in the Metro Vancouver area broke records. With prices hovering at 168.9 cents per litre, filling up a car in Vancouver has never been more expensive.

One B.C. driver told CTV News said they’ve cut down on driving as much as possible because the prices were “pretty crazy.” Another driver said they only filled their gas tank halfway so it wouldn’t be as painful.

But prices were also high across the country. On Saturday, gas prices ranged from $1.17 in Edmonton, $1.23 in Toronto to $1.33 in St. John’s, N.L.

The record prices are tied to a cut in production from several key U.S.-based refineries, coupled with a spike in demand. And experts say the unprecedented pain could be the new normal.

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