Scheer climate plan would encompass more

Category : Canada News
Updated On : June 19, 2019 02:12 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer’s climate plan would change emissions thresholds to capture more large-scale polluters and get those companies to invest in clean energy technology if they exceed emissions standards.

A portion of Scheer’s plan, obtained by CBC News, would compel facilities that produce 40 kilotonnes of emissions or more per year to invest in green tech. The Trudeau government’s current rules impose emission caps on firms that emit more than 50 kilotonnes per year.

Scheer will outline his party’s much-anticipated environmental policy at a speech in Quebec on Wednesday. The Liberals have criticized him for taking such a long time to release a climate plan; Scheer was elected leader of the Conservative Party in May 2017.

Scheer’s proposed penalties for emitters would be framed very differently from the current government’s carbon tax. The idea is to keep the funds in the private sector instead of collecting them in government coffers, a Conservative insider said.

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