Scheer meets with Indian PM Modi

Category : Canada News
Updated On : October 10, 2018 10:07 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer landed a one-on-one with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the second day of a business trip to India on Tuesday, a much quicker meeting than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau received during a controversial trade visit in February.

It was only near the end of Mr. Trudeau’s six-day trip to India that Mr. Modi set time aside for his Canadian counterpart, a trip that garnered international criticism on everything from the Trudeau family’s lavish outfits to the scarcity of official meetings, as well as the revelation that an alleged Sikh extremist was rubbing shoulders with Liberal cabinet ministers.

Mr. Scheer, who said he will only wear business attire during his trip, met Mr. Modi at the Prime Minister’s official residence for more than 40 minutes to talk trade, including the proposed new trade deal with the United States and Mexico. Mr. Scheer promised to make it easier to ship oil and gas to India if he is elected prime minister in next fall’s general election.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday stressed on the importance of strengthening bilateral cooperation between India and Canada in diverse spheres. He made these remarks when Canada's leader of the opposition Andrew Scheer called on him here.

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