Singer attacked in Canada, gang says did it

Category : Canada News
Updated On : June 11, 2019 12:18 AM
By Indian Times Daily

A Punjab-based gang on Sunday took responsibility for the Saturday night attack on Punjabi singer-rapper Karan Aujla in Canada. However, soon after, another page being operated by the same gang disowned the attack and said they did not carry it out.

Aujla was attacked in Surrey, a city in Canada’s British Columbia province, on Saturday night. Even as the singer survived the attack, gangster Sukhpreet Singh Budda’s group took responsibility for the attack in a post on Facebook on Sunday afternoon.

Aujla was accompanied by Rehan Records owner Sandeep Rehan and singer Deep Jandu when the attack took place in Canada

It is learnt that during a visit to Punjab, Rehan was asked to pay a ransom of Rs 20 lakh on March 16 this year. The call had been made through internet. When he approached the police, a voice message was sent to Rahan and he was warned that the police would not save him all the time and he would be attacked either in India or Canada.

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