Stephen Harper meets with Indian PM Modi

Category : Canada News
Updated On : January 10, 2019 02:59 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Stephen Harper met Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on January 8th to discuss the state of India-Canada relations and global cooperation.

Harper is currently in India attending a global conference called “Raisina Dialogue”, India’s flagship conference on geopolitics and geo-economics. He is set to deliver a keynote presentation at the conference.

In July, Stephen Harper made a visit to the white house to meet Donald Trump’s economic advisor Larry Kudlow.

The former Prime Minister has made several such high-profile visits as of late after releasing his latest book “Right Here, Right Now”.

The prime minister’s tweet is in stark contrast to Modi’s message regarding Justin Trudeau’s visit in February of 2018. The Indian PM chose to post a nostalgic message about the delight of meeting the Prime Minister’s kids instead of the trip’s successes.

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