Trudeau in Latvia commits to extra troops

Category : Canada News
Updated On : July 11, 2018 05:48 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Canada will commit extra troops and remain in Latvia as part of NATO's mission to deter potential Russian aggression until 2023, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed Tuesday.

The announcement was made following a bilateral meeting in the capital Riga with Latvian Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis. CBC News first reported the extended contribution on Monday.

Canada leads one of three NATO multinational battle groups in the Baltic states, a $145-million-a-year commitment that was slated to expire next March.

Trudeau announced not only that Canada was extending its stay for four years, but also that it would add another 85 troops, bringing the total army contingent to 540 soldiers.

Prior to the bilateral meeting, the two prime ministers laid wreaths at the Freedom Monument in Riga, which commemorates the lives lost during the country's war of independence.

Trudeau also reaffirmed Canada would continue to supply fighter jet and frigate deployment as part of other ongoing NATO operations.

The Canadian contingent in Latvia includes soldiers from Albania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, and Spain.

NATO military planners anticipate that the deployment of battle groups in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania could last a decade.

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