Gujarat News

A meeting of Gujarat Farmer's society was held, in which it has been decided to organize agitation programs for farmers in the coming da ...(Read more)

At one time Patidar leader Rashma Patel joined the BJP a year ago. However, in a year it seems to have broken the morale from the BJP, Rashm ...(Read more)

Shankarsinh Vaghela said that the statue of Unity is going to become a story, but after Independence, India was divided into princely states ...(Read more)

A fire broke out in a chemical company at GIDC in Vapi, after which fire department was run to extricate it, due to the fact that there was ...(Read more)

The Directorate of Primary Education, an open source threat to government school teachers, has become viral in the social media, in which te ...(Read more)

Former Chief Minister Suresh Mehta made a statement about the construction of the Statue of Unity, against which his statue was burnt in Man ...(Read more)

Gujarat has received very less rainfall this year, and has been suffering from drought. Fodder has become empty in Kutch. The condition of f ...(Read more)

There is no action taken against the anganwadi which has become stuck in Junagadh, where anganwadi is run in a 3ft wide and 24-feet-long sma ...(Read more)

For the first time in Vadodara, Krishnamani broke the 12008 coconut with both hand wearing a traditional costume with the rhythm of traditio ...(Read more)

When the world's tallest statue is ready, boating will be started in front of Sardar Sarovar Dam, which has also been approved. Along wi ...(Read more)

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