Ahmedabad to give e-challans for parking violations

Category : Gujarat News
Updated On : June 11, 2019 12:02 AM
By Indian Times Daily

If you have parked your vehicle on a 'no parking zone' thinking there was no one watching you, you are mistaken. The Ahmedabad Traffic Department soon plans to issue e-challans for wrongly parked vehicles too.

Up till now wrongly parked vehicles were either towed away or locked by the traffic department, and the offender had to pay the fine to get it released. But with e-challans, the owners of wrongly parked vehicle in and around traffic junctions will have the fine challan delivered home.

The decision was taken on Tuesday at a meeting conducted by senior traffic officials in Gandhinagar. "Wrongly parked vehicles create traffic problems and obstruct smooth flow of vehicles. The upgraded e-challan system will capture photographs of such vehicles particularly near traffic junctions where the CCTV cameras are installed," said an official.

This year alone, about 1.46 lakh cases of wrongful parking were detected in the city generating a fine of Rs 1.47 crore for the exchequer. "We are upgrading the system and this will also address many of the problems with the e-challan mechanism," said AK Singh, police commissioner.

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