BJP, Cong leaders accused of voter inducement

Category : Gujarat News
Updated On : April 14, 2019 10:00 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Separate incidents of alleged inducement and threat to voters, purportedly involving leaders of the BJP and the Congress, have come to light in Gujarat in the run-up to Lok Sabha elections.

An audio tape of BJP candidate from Rajkot Lok Sabha constituency Mohan Kundariya allegedly threatening a Congress member of the Rajkot district panchayat for votes has gone viral, whereas Congress' Panchmahals nominee V K Khant is purportedly seen distributing money to voters in a photo, which is also circulated on social media.

Both the leaders have refuted allegations against them.

Kundariya, a sitting MP, said the purported audio tape is a handiwork of the Congress, while Khant said he never distributed cash to voters.

In the audio clip, Kundariya can be purportedly heard telling Nanu Dodiya, a member of the Congress from Rajkot district panchayat, that if he doesn't ensure that 75 per cent votes from his Kothariya village are cast in favour of the MP, the latter will close down the milk union mandli in the village.

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