Coast Guard rescues 8 fishermen

Category : Gujarat News
Updated On : April 14, 2019 10:01 PM
By Indian Times Daily

The Indian Coast Guard rescued eight fishermen off Porbandar cost in Gujarat after a distress call as their boat was flooded.

The coast guard braved rough sea to save the lives of fishermen some 27 nautical miles off the coast at around 1am on Sunday.

Coast guard ship C-445 received the distress call from IFB Prabhu Sagar on MMB channel 16. The fishing boat with eight crew onboard intimated flooding onboard and requested for help.

Following the call, ship C-445 swung into action and immediately proceeded towards the location of the boat.

All the eight crew members were saved and were taken onboard ICG C-445 safely and brought to Porbandar harbour at 7am.

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