Cyclone vayu, headed for North Gujarat, to weaken further

Category : Gujarat News
Updated On : June 18, 2019 01:33 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Cyclone Vayu, which weakened into a "depression", is likely to weaken further into a "well-marked low pressure area" before crossing the north Gujarat coast, a senior IMD official said Monday.

Manorama Mohanty, scientist with India Meteorological Department at Ahmedabad, said Vayu was no longer a danger and would cause rainfall, and winds with a speed of 30-40 kilometres per hour.

"The cyclone has weakened and turned into depression, which is going to further weaken and convert into a well- marked low pressure area before it crosses the Gujarat coast," Ms Mohanty said.

In its bulletin issued Monday evening, the IMD said "depression" over the Arabian Sea moved east-northeastward with a speed of about 16 kmph during the day, and lay centred around 135 km west-southwest of Naliya in Gujarat, 130 km west-southwest of Dwarka, and 220 km west-southwest of Bhuj.

On Monday morning, the cyclone was centered about 260 km west-southwest of Naliya, 240 km west-southwest of Dwarka and 340 km west-southwest of Bhuj in Gujarat, it said.

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