Gujarat firm to recall fertiliser bags

Category : Gujarat News
Updated On : May 15, 2019 02:34 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Under flak over underweight bags, the government-owned Gujarat State Fertilisers Company (GSFC), one of the major fertiliser manufacturing units in the country, has promised to recall its fertiliser bags and refill these to its full quantity before remarketing.

At the insistence of the state government, the company has suspended marketing of its fertiliser bags for the past two days.

Reacting to the complaints of underweight ‘Sardar’ brand DAP fertiliser bags manufactured by the GSFC, managing director Sunil Gulati said all bags still in its godowns or those lying with the farmers would be recalled and refilled before sold to the farmers.

“We will remarket these with 50 kg plus weight so that there is no chance of complaint even if there was moisture loss,” he said.

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