Impostor DSP held after a chase in Gujarat

Category : Gujarat News
Updated On : June 11, 2019 12:02 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Shaherkotda police on Sunday arrested Dinesh Maheriya (30), a resident of Kherva village of Surendranagar, for impersonating as deputy superintendent of police. Maheriya, who is class X pass, was nabbed near Memco Crossroads from an autorickshaw by two police constables who chased him from Shahpur. He was in uniform but had no identity card to prove his position.

The police found two nameplates from his possession. “One is in English with ‘D L Maheriya, DySP’ written on it, and another in Gujarati with his name and designation,” said a police official.

According to an FIR filed in this connection, two constables of Shahpur police station, who were on patrolling duty in their police station jurisdiction, got a tip-off that a man posing as a DySP is at Khanpur.

“The constables rushed to the spot but seeing them Maheriya boarded an auto and fled away. The constables chased him and intercepted him near Memco Crossroads where the junction was closed due to red signal,” added a police official.

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