MLA Geniben Thakor contradicts Alpesh Thakor

Category : Gujarat News
Updated On : April 14, 2019 10:00 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Vav MLA Geniben Thakor contradicted Thakor Sena leader Alpesh Thakor and said that candidature for Lok Sabha elections is not on sale in Congress party. She said this while addressing a public meeting at Dhima village in Vav taluka. Hardik Patel also said that Alpesh could not sustain the respect he got in the party.

On the other hand, chief minister Vijay Rupani denied that there are any talks of Alpesh joining BJP.

"If anyone of us has taken money, Lord Dharnidhar may ruin us," Geniben said while addressing the meeting. Dhima village is famous for Dharnidhar temple. "If someone alleges that money has changed hands, they should reveal who took the money and who got the money," Geniben told DNA.

While making an announcement of his quitting Congress in front of media persons on Wednesday, Alpesh Thakor alleged that nominations are on sale in Congress party and that he was not given his due. Geniben, through her statement, denied any such activity in the party in Gujarat.

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