Monsoon in lull phase, no rain in next 4 days

Category : Gujarat News
Updated On : July 11, 2019 01:51 AM
By Indian Times Daily

The weather office has ruled out chances of any major rainfall in the state in the next four-five days, owing to the absence of any weather system which would bring rainfall to Gujarat.

Meteorologist Manorama Mohanty told DNA that no major rainfall is expected until the end of the week, except for isolated showers in south Gujarat.

“We are not expecting any major rainfall as there is no system prevalent that would bring rainfall to the state. None of the Met centres in the state have recorded any rainfall till 5:30 pm on Wednesday,” she said.

The meteorologist also clarified that cloud cover will remain at several places across the state, including Ahmedabad, due to the prevalence of abundant moisture in the atmosphere and convection. Interestingly, due to the lack of rainfall, temperatures have started soaring and that, combined with high relative humidity, is giving a tough time to citizens.

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