Two Gujarat-cadre judges for chief justices

Category : Gujarat News
Updated On : May 15, 2019 02:33 AM
By Indian Times Daily

The Supreme Court collegium has recommended the names of two senior judges of Gujarat cadre for their appointment as chief justices in Delhi and Madhya Pradesh high courts.

Justice D N Patel, who was earlier transferred to the Jharkhand high court from the Gujarat HC, has been recommended by the SC collegium for appointment as Delhi HC’s chief justice.

The second senior judge, at present working in the Bombay HC, Justice Akil Kureshi has been recommended as the chief justice of the Madhya Pradesh HC.

Justice Patel is likely to replace Justice Rajendra Menon as Delhi’s chief justice, and Justice Kureshi may replace Justice S K Seth as CJ of Madhya Pradesh HC.

Justice Kureshi’s transfer last year from Gujarat HC to Bombay HC was protested against by advocates in Gujarat high court. He was shifted to Bombay HC as soon as he became the senior-most judge of Gujarat HC following the elevation of then Gujarat HC Chief Justice R S Reddy as a Supreme Court judge.

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