DMK-Cong alliance to protect threats to Tamil culture, history from PM, RSS : Rahul

Category : India News
Updated On : March 13, 2019 09:57 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Terming the Congress-DMK alliance as not a simple political alliances, but an alliance of minds to protect the Tamil culture from threats from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the RSS, Congress President Rahul Gandhi predicted that DMK President M K Stalin would be the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

          Addressing an election rally here, after Mr Stalin reiterated that Mr Rahul would be the next Prime Minister after the Lok Sabha polls and the youngest PM of the country, the Congress Chief said 'we are here because we see a threat to Tamil culture, Tamil history and to the Tamil lanuage from

          Mr Modi and the RSS'. 'You will see in 2019 elections the spirit of Tamil people will speak', he said. He said Mr Stalin would be the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and recalled his meetings with late leader M Karunanidhi and said he still lives with us and would never die.

          He also paid tributes to Kamaraj and Karunanidhi and touched upon their qualities.

          Stating that today the government in Tamil Nadu was controlled by the PMO, Rahul said in the past, the AIADMK and the DMK have ruled the State and there were big leaders on both sides. 'But never a government in Tamil Nadu is seen controlled by Delhi', he said and added that it was important not only for TN, but also for India, that that the Tamil Nadu government was controlled by the state of Tamil Nadu.

          Mr Modi feels that he could capture any Indian institution and control any thing by blackmail. He feels he could pressure different states in India from Delhi.

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