Former India speedster Amit Bhandari attacked, admitted to hospital

Category : India News
Updated On : February 12, 2019 10:23 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Former India speedster Amit Bhandari and now chairman of selectors for Delhi senior and Under-23 teams on Monday was attacked by men during a practice match here and has been admitted to hospital.

          Bhandari, who suffered head and ear injuries, was watching a selection trials match with two other selectors at the St Stephen's Cricket Ground for practice matches among senior Twenty20 probables. He was later taken to Sant Parmanand Hospital in Civil Lines here.

          The attack took place when the first match of the day was about to end. There was a second match scheduled. Eyewitnesses said when the players and other DDCA officials tried to intervene they were threatened they would be shot. A player present at the game said Bhandari was lucky he was able to run away and maintain distance with the attackers otherwise the injuries could have been much worse.

          Delhi's former cricketers Gautam Gambhir and Bishan Singh Bedi condemned the incident and called for swift action, with Gambhir going as far as to declare he would personally ensure the issue was dealt with.

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