HP: Swine flu cases jumps to 161, death toll to 20

Category : India News
Updated On : February 12, 2019 10:23 AM
By Indian Times Daily

With 16 fresh cases of Swine Flu detected in the state till Tuesday, number of H1NI cases have risen to 161 in the state, senior officer of Health Department said.

          State Communicable disease and Surveillance officer Sonum Negi said that till Feb 10 out of 34 samples tested, 11 were found positive.

          He said that so far 458 influenza patients are undergoing clinical trail.

          He said that four died due to swine flu between Feb 8 and 10 as 11 people were tested positive out of the 18 smaples tested at Indira Gandhi Medical College (IGMC).

          Out of that out of total 161 H1N1 cases, 49 cases were detected in Kangra and 44 in Shimla, 18 in Mandi, 14 in Solan, ten in Hamirpur Bilspur eight, six in Chamba, four in Sirmaur, three each in Una and Kullu and Kinnuar and states of Haryana.

          Among the prominent Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha speaker Rajiv Bindal, Virbhadra Singh and Inderdut Lakhan Pal were found positive of swine flu at IGMC including six new positive cases detected for for H1N1 on Tuesday. About 18 patients are suffering with the deadly influenza in the Hospital.

          Swine flu had been taken 20 lives in the parts of state. State recorded only two death oweing to swine flu in 2018, 15 in 2017, five in 2016 and seven in 2015.

          The influenza spread through virus surfaced first time in 2009. He said that World Health Organisation (WHO) did not consider this as epidemic as the new guidelines issued by the WHO placed swine flu in outbreak category.

          The government is providing free of cost treatment for swine flu in IGMC, Tanda Medical college and Central Research Kender in Kasouli and Tamiflu tablets are made available to the patients.

          The department issuing advisory to the people time to time after outbreak cases are pouring in large number in the state.

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