It's 'India first' for me always:Modi

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Updated On : April 15, 2019 01:15 AM
It's 'India first' for me always:Modi By Indian Times Daily

Prime Minister Narendra Modi giving a call for eradicating terrorism, corruption, poverty and illness from the country in next five years said for him country always comes first.

" Had the surgical or air strikes failed, would these people have spared me. But for me country comes first and other things are secondary," he said. "If in case there was any casualty in surgical strikes or air strikes, then who would have been responsible? I knew I am accountable if there is any harm to our soldiers, but the opposition cannot give credit to us for good work," he added.

Announcing that his next five years would be dedicated to eradicating terrorism, corruption, poverty and illness from the country, he said ," it is only your blessings to fulfill it as I have done with your support during the past five years."

Addressing an election meeting here at the Numiash ground on Sunday, Mr Modi, while paying tributes to Dr B R Ambedkar on his 128th birth anniversary commented,"This is the power of Baba Saheb's (Ambedkar's) constitution that a gentleman, coming from the backward and deprived society, is sitting as the president of the country today. Someone from the village farmer family has been the Vice-President. This is the grace of Babasaheb's constitution that a chaiwala is sitting at the post of a prime minister today."

Announcing that his dream was to see UP on top of the states in the country, the PM blamed the casteist politics for the backwardness of the state. " UP made me MP and then PM . It is my duty to think of the state but UP has to overcome the caste politics," he said.

Taking a jibe on SP-BSP alliance, Mr Modi referred them as people who are not contesting on 40 seats but dream of becoming Prime Minister. ' In this election, SP-BSP has miscalculated the poll mathematics, after elections the alliance will be forced to shut their shop and buy locks from Aligarh," he commented. He even reminded the people of Aligarh about the Muzaffarnagar riots, without naming or blaming SP-BSP.

The PM said the defence corridor coming up in UP will benefit the people of Aligarh mostly as now all the arms and ammunition to be used by the defence would be manufactured in the region. He also said the Centre has also decided that government companies will purchase 25 percent from cottage industry run by small businessmen of the country. During his speech, the PM had to stop his speech couple of times to control the crowd and even raised the slogan of ' Jai Bhim' to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar and Bharat Mata Ki Jai to energise the workers.

Earlier, Mr Modi, while come to Aligarh, waited for some time at Agra airport where he boarded a chopper. In Agra, PM met several senior BJP leaders and discussed with them about the poll strategy and got the feedback of the first phase of polls and the coming second phase. Agra goes to polls in the second phase.

After Aligarh, PM rushed to Moradabad where he will address another rally, third of the day.

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