Shooter Of Tigress Avni Says May Sue Union Minister Maneka Gandhi

Category : India News
Updated On : November 07, 2018 10:43 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Sharpshooter Shafath Ali Khan has said that he may sue Union minister Maneka Gandhi. This is for allegedly levelling defamatory and wild charges against him over the killing of tigress Avni in Maharashtra last week.

          Khan said his son Asgar Ali and his four-member team were issued an authorisation letter by the Maharashtra forest department to carry out the operation and the tigress was shot at in "self-defence" while they were trying to tranquilise it.

          The tigress, officially known as T1, was believed to have killed 13 people in the last two years.

          It was killed on November 2 by Ali in Maharashtra's Yavatmal district as part of an operation. The big cat has left behind two 10-month-old cubs.

          Gandhi, in a series of tweets Sunday, had lashed out at the Maharashtra government for giving the orders to kill the tigress, despite opposition from several stakeholders.

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