258 Punjab passports dumped in Haryana

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : March 13, 2018 05:20 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Cops are completely flummoxed by chance recovery of 258 passports, some with valid visas and others issued freshly, from Chakeria village under Kalanwali police station in Haryana’s Sirsa district, adjoining Bathinda dictrict of Punjab.

The passports, scattered along a road in Chakeria village, were discovered on Saturday evening by locals, who then informed cops.

All the passports had Punjab addresses and cops in both the states are investigating how these ended up in the Haryana village. “The passports were dispatched for Ludhiana. We are investigating how these passports reached Chakeria village.

On counting, we found 258 passports had been collected from the village and nearly 20 of these had valid visas for various countries, including the Gulf region,” said Kalanwali police station SHO Om Parkash.

At present, there is no suspicion about authenticity of these passports and the Haryana police is trying to find a way to send them to their owners.

The Bathinda police will send a team to verify whether the passports recovered on Saturday evening are the ones that had gone missing in transit in January this year.

On January 28, some 254 passports, sent from the Chandigarh regional passport office to be delivered to in Bathinda had gone missing and are yet to be recovered.


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