4 scams of Punjabi University under vigilance lens

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : April 15, 2018 11:03 PM
By Indian Times Daily

The Punjab vigilance bureau has started a probe into four more alleged scams of Punjabi University here after receiving the required documents from the university. The bureau will probe antique furniture scam, pay protection of employees on fake certificates, answersheet scam and filling of more posts than what had been advertised.

The bureau is already investigating the multi-lakh fire extinguisher and smoke detector scam. These scams had rocked the Punjabi university last year after inquiries into 16 such complaints were marked during the tenure of officiating vice-chancellor Anurag Verma, who was given the charge last year after Prof Jaspal Singh resigned from the post when the Congress came to power in Punjab. Prof Jaspal had served as the VC during the 10-year rule of the SAD-BJP in Punjab.

Sources revealed that the vigilance started an inquiry into the alleged answersheet scam in which it was learned that the university had purchased paper worth Rs 200 crore over seven years. The examination branch allegedly bought cheap quality 24 lakh answersheets at double the rate from the open market.

It was alleged that the university purchased at Rs 8 per sheet while it cost Rs 4.26. The commission or bribe of around Rs 10 crore annually had been going into the pocket of officials working in the university’s examination branch, said sources.

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