6,000 buildings in IAF zone to be razed

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : April 16, 2018 06:03 AM
By Indian Times Daily

The MCG has submitted a survey report with details of properties within 300 metres of the ammunition depot to the deputy commissioner, stating 5,978 properties within the zone are now facing demolition.

The next demolition drive in the area has been scheduled for Monday, said MCG officials. The properties listed by MCG include residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings.

According to MCG officials, the details of these properties as well as their owners have been drawn up according to property tax records.

“The details have been submitted to the deputy commissioner as per our meeting on the demolition drive to be undertaken in the 300 metres zone around the ammunition depot,” said Sudhir Singh Chouhan, senior town planner, MCG.

An earlier survey in 2017 had revealed that there were 854 commercial buildings, 3,016 residential buildings and 241 mixed use buildings within 300 metres of the ammunition depot.

However, an updated report, including details of property coverage area, type, plan, structure and name of owners, was sought by the deputy commissioner to help authorities determine the compensation amount for those who would be affected by the demotion drive.

The compensation will come from the ministry of defence. “If the demolition drive affects the livelihood of a person, we would also come up with an estimate to compensate that,” the commissioner had told TOI earlier.

The Punjab and Haryana high court directed the deputy commissioner of Gurgaon in March 2016 to issue notices against those who had made constructions within 300 metres of the Indian Air Force ammunition depot in Gurgaon.

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