Brahmpura has been non-performer: Jagir Kaur

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : March 15, 2019 02:25 AM
By Indian Times Daily

(UNI) Shiromani Akali Dal candidate from Khadoor Sahib Bibi Jagir Kaur urged the electorate of the border constituency to give a befitting reply to her rival Ranjit Singh Brahmpura of the newly floated party christened SAD (Taksali). The party had sent Brahmpura from its pocket borough to Lok Sabha but he miserably failed to deliver and never contributed to the debates in Parliament, she stated.

As per the records of Parliament, Brahmpura participated only six times during his five-year tenure while on an average each MP participates in 45.8 debates. The last time he participated was on July, 2016. He had spoken thrice in 2015 and twice in 2014.

Another important parameter of performance is tested during the Question Hour. Brahmpura had asked only 30 questions during his tenure. It is surprising that on an average, each member of 16th Lok Sabha had put 267 questions on average while Brahmpura was contented with just 30 questions which suggests how seriously he was taking up his job, she jibed.

His last question was responded to on August 2017 and since then he has not made any queries from any ministry. None of his questions was selected as starred which allow supplementary questions. Last Brahmpura spoke in Parliament was on July, 2016 and since then he has been a passive spectator. His attendance was just 67 per cent, far below the national average of 80 per cent of all Lok Sabha MPs.

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