Day after clash, 2 Nihangs attacked at hospital

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : July 11, 2018 05:53 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Ongoing social media tussle for one-upmanship among Nihang organisations and Shri Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee turned bloody on Monday as the Satkar committee members attacked and injured two Nihangs at Government Medical College Hospital here. Manjit Singh, a Nihang, was critically injured as he was attacked with a spear.

Ranjit Singh ‘Bhittewad’, a Nihang, was allegedly injured in a clash with Satkar committee members on Sunday and admitted to GMC Hospital. The tension had been brewing between the two groups for the past few days as members of each group were trying to show the other in bad light.

Both groups had met on Sunday near Chogawan to settle the issue but it ended up in manhandling of Satkar Committee leaders Ranjit Singh and Sukhdev Singh. Ranjit Singh had recently uploaded a video degrading Nihangs and alleged that they consume drugs and indulge in other vices.

A video of him sitting on ground in mud-stained clothes and surrounded by Nihangs was also uploaded on social media on Sunday.

A police official said the Monday attack by Satkar committee members seemed to be an act of revenge. But, Nihang leaders claimed that Satkar panel members had attacked their member ‘Bhittewad’ on Sunday while he was on way to attend a meeting.

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