Depts not sticking to SC norms: Women panel

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : November 07, 2018 10:54 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Glaring anomalies in the constitution of the mandatory internal complaint committees for handling sexual harassment cases by various Punjab government departments have came to the fore.

The Punjab Women Commission (PWC), which is probing the sexual harassment charge against Amritsar district manager of Marked, has found that none of the committees have a representative of any NGO or a person familiar with the issue of sexual harassment.

The panel also found that the internal committee at Amritsar Civil Hospital did not have members as mandated under the Supreme Court’s Vishaka guidelines in dealing with sexual harassment at workplace.

The PWC has received two complaints from woman doctors of private hospitals in Mohali wherein seniors have forced the victims not to pursue the matter. Taking a serious note of the violation, the PWC has shot off a communication to all departments telling them to adhere to the guidelines.

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