Govt close to secure extradition of Romi

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : August 10, 2018 05:47 AM
By Indian Times Daily

The Indian government has managed to ensure “provisional arrest” of Nabha jailbreak mastermind Ramanjit Singh Romi (29) in Hong Kong, where he is based. He is wanted by Interpol for his alleged role in terrorist activities and targeted killings in Punjab.

Sources say Romi’s interrogation is also needed in context of Referendum 2020 for his alleged links with some of the campaigners. He had fled India in 2016, after he managed to get bail in an Arms Act case by allegedly bribing a DSP and an SHO in Nabha.

Indian security agencies recently established a link between referendum campaigners, radicals in Germany, UK and Canada, some gangsters operating in Punjab and the ISI by tracking online activities of the prime proponents of the movement. “We believe Romi fits in this bracket as he is closely linked with the ISI, some radical elements and gangsters,” said a top official.

The Indian authorities will have to submit their documents substantiating their extradition request before August 17 with the case scheduled for hearing on August 23 in Hong Kong. The authorities had requested for his provisional arrest a couple of months ago “to protect the security and integrity of the state from terrorist activities planned by him”.

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