'Ignored; LoP to complain against Dirba officers

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : November 07, 2018 10:53 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Leader of Opposition (LOP) and AAP Dirba MLA Harpal Cheema today alleged that the Dirba administration had been ignoring him and not inviting him for official functions. He said he would write to the Privileges Committee of the Vidhan Sabha for action against officers concerned.

“Senior officers of the Dirba administration have not invited me for any function for the past many months. On Monday, the administration opened a Sanjhi Rasoi in Dirba. All Congress leaders, including those who lost the recent elections, were invited, but I did not get any invite and got to know about the function through newspapers,” said Cheema.

Warning the officers concerned of strict departmental action, he said officers should keep in mind that they were the employees of the Punjab Government and not the Congress. “I will write to the Privileges Committee of the Vidhan Sabha,” said Cheema.

Dirba SDM Deepak Rohela said, “I am unaware of all this. I will look into the matter.” Cheema asked Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh to take immediate effective steps to solve the problems being faced by farmers in selling paddy with high moisture content.

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