Navyuvak Dal holds Shobha Yatra on 128th birth anniv of Ambedkar

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : April 14, 2019 10:31 PM
By Indian Times Daily

(UNI) Ambedkar Navyuvak Dal organised a huge Shobha Yatra on the 128th birth anniversary of father of Indian Constitution and Bharat Ratna Dr BR Ambedkar.  The Shobha Yatra started from Dr AVM School, Isa Nagri Pull, Ludhiana and after passing through different areas of the city, concluded at Dr Ambedkar Chowk (Jalandhar Byepass, Ludhiana).

MP Ravneet Singh Bittu welcomed the yatra on the way, which was started by MLA Surinder Dawar and Manik Dawar.

Rajiv Kumar Lovely, Organiser said, “Dr Ambedkar not only gave the country a great constitution, but also laid the way for the empowerment of the Dalit society.” He was a messiah of dalits. The Shobha Yatra will inspire people to follow the path shown by him."

He also thanked Dr Ambedkar Navyuvak Jagriti Sanstha, Akhil Bhartiya Maurya Mahasangh, Budhankur Bhim Jyoti Samiti, Dr. Ambedkar Samaj Sudhar Samiti Barewal, Jan Kalyan Samiti, Sri Guru Ravidas Dharmik Sabha Tajpur Road, Dalit Uddhar Samiti, Sammat Shardha Samiti, Bharat Maurya Sangh, for their support in organising this Shobha Yatra.

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