Objection raised after names cleared for HC judges

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : June 13, 2018 04:10 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Nearly six months after the names of 11 advocates were cleared for elevation as Punjab and Haryana High Court judges, one of the collegium members is now believed to have raised objections.

Available information suggests Justice Ajay Kumar Mittal, without consulting the other collegium members, has shot off a communication to the Union Law Minister. The letter comes at a time when the Haryana government has already sent the list back to the collegium with certain objections.

The contents of the letter are not known, but it is believed that Justice Mittal has asserted some of the names, recommended by the collegium of which he was a member, do not merit appointment. It is believed to have been written when Justice Mittal was acting as the Chief after the retirement of Justice Vazifdar and before the taking over of Justice Krishna Murari.

The collegium, comprising then Chief Justice Shiavax Jal Vazifdar, Justice Mittal and Justice Surya Kant, had recommended the names for elevation after it met in November last year. Nothing is there to suggest that a dissenting note was recorded by Justice Mittal during the course of collegium meeting. 

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