Onus on Majithia to show details of money given to farmer or face

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : February 11, 2019 10:17 AM
By Indian Times Daily

(UNI) Cabinet Minister in Punjab, S. Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa again challenged the YAD leader Bikram Singh Majithia to show the details of donation given to farmer Budh Singh if the akali leader claims that the money was from lawful source failing which he should face ED investigation.

S. Randhawa also stated that he demanded the investigation from ED as Majithia is not part of the government and failed to disclose the source from which he had given this money.

Exposing conspiracy by Majithia for getting sympathy and emotional support by taking advantage of such a delicate issue, S. Randhawa added that it is also significant to bring in public domain that why majithia gave Rs. 3.86 lakh to the farmer when as per the records the loan amount was only Rs 1.76 lakh. All this points out to a devious game by majithia to buy the voice of the farmer Budh Singh. The Cabinet Minister also said that majithia must explain the source of money.

S. Randhawa also added that besides this the akali leader must explain to people of his own constituency that why he picked a farmer out of other area and could not find any family to help in his own constituency. S. Randhawa added that these actions of Majithia indicated that how he deceived people of his constituency only for political gains.

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