Over 3,000 cops on VIP duty called back

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : March 15, 2019 02:26 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Two days after DGP Dinkar Gupta warned officials of a salary cut of Rs 52,000 per constable given by them in an unauthorised manner, over 3,000 cops were summoned at all police districts and battalions today. They have been asked to join their place of postings “with immediate effect”.

About 1,000 persons, a majority of whom are politically connected, were guarded by more than 3,500 Punjab Police personnel drawn from the district cadres and reserved battalions.

Sources said many such self-styled VIPs were today seen pleading to keep their “illegal security”. The security wing of the police, which is not covered under the RTI Act, had given written orders to provide gunmen to “VIPs”. In many districts, those with political influence continue to get security officials following verbal orders from the police headquarters.

Sample this: A Punjab Public Service Commission member has over a dozen gunmen attached with him unofficially as he is related to a senior police officer while his political inclination to the ruling party is an open secret. The chairman of a board aligned with a Cabinet minister, district Congress committee members, retired DSP and above-ranked officials are among the persons enjoying security cover.

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