Phillaur police held woman with 1 kg heroin

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : June 11, 2019 12:22 AM
By Indian Times Daily

 (UNI) Continuing its drive against drug peddlers by keeping a vigil through high-level checking points in the district, the rural police have arrested a woman hailing from Mizoram and recovered one kg heroin from her possession at a naka.

Senior Superintendent of Police (Rural) Navjot Singh Mahal said police laid a checkpoint and was conducting searches of the vehicles at Sutlej River Bridge around 1930 hrs on Sunday.

The woman boarded off from the bus and started walking towards to Jalandhar side. On suspicion, the lady cops apprehended her who revealed her identity as C Lal Chhandami from Aizawl Venglai of Mizoram. The cops checked her bag which led to the recovery of one kg heroin.

She was immediately taken into custody and a case under section 21 of the NDPS Act was registered against him at Phillaur Police Station, the SSP added.

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