Punjab's transport policy ignores state buses

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : March 13, 2018 12:58 PM
By Indian Times Daily

The Punjab Government notified its new transport policy, but with their share cut, the state transport undertakings (STUs) — PRTC and Punjab Roadways — have little to cheer about.

The Congress leaders before and after the Assembly elections had talked at length on the need to end the monopoly of “certain” private transporters.

The STU share of route permits on national highways has been slashed to 50 per cent from 75. In case of state highways and district roads, it will be 40 per cent. Private transporters will get 60 per cent of the share. It was the other way round earlier. All AC bus routes have been allotted to the state transport but the existing route permits remain.

Not more than 25 per cent permits on a route will be given to one transporter. But unions say that with “one extended family” running several companies, the routes could be monopolised.

Nirmal Singh Dhaliwalof the PRTC Workers’ Union pointed out that almost all toll roads in the state were now national highways. “Earlier, only two or three routes were listed as NHs. Now there are more routes and our share has been curtailed, which will hit STUs.”

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