Rs 590-cr tourism push for state

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : June 13, 2018 04:10 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Cultural Affairs and Tourism Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu on Monday announced an ambitious project to transform 30 tourist destinations in the state at a cost of Rs 590.97 crore.

Presiding over a department meeting, Sidhu said Amritsar would remain the centre of tourist activity, with its 11 destinations on the list.

The department is availing a loan of Rs 344 crore from Asian Development Bank (ADB), which has already been sanctioned. Besides, it will get a grant of Rs 96.97 crore to revamp religious and historical cities under the Centre’s Swadesh Darshan Scheme.

At least Rs 50 crore will be spent on Amritsar city under the “prasad” scheme. The department has earmarked Rs 100 crore for Mughal Circuit, under which historical spots linked with the Mughal era would be revamped.

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