'Say no to ragging, we are watching it,' say cops

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : August 10, 2018 05:47 AM
By Indian Times Daily

The official Twitter handle of the Punjab Police has also taken the witty route to highlight a serious issue. In recent tweets, Punjab Police have campaigned against ragging by posting photos of Nokia, Thumps Up and Mcdonalds slogans with witty captions.

“A college or school is a great place for "connecting people". Let's not spoil that with ragging. (sic)”, says one photo ‘Ragging ko No Kia’, “Punjab Police Protecting People”.

“Want to do something Toofani today? Save someone from ragging or report it to the authorities! (sic),” says another message with a Thumps Up logo, “If you indulge in ragging, taste the thunder.”

“People who experience ragging are never 'loving it'. Make college a Happy experience for everyone (sic),” another message with a Mcdonalds logo with words “Say no to ragging, we are watching it,” was posted.

It seems Punjab Police have also learned from their Mumbai counterparts in using social media and memes to target the youth and bring awareness on serious issues.

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