Villagers unite against drugs

Category : Punjab News
Updated On : August 10, 2018 05:47 AM
By Indian Times Daily

In Moga where drugs have destroyed hundreds of lives, torn families apart and ruined the future of countless youth, many village panchayats have recently joined hands against drug mafias active in the region for long. Women too are coming forward to end the menace.

The panchayat of Bhinder Kalan, once known for easy availability of drugs, took out an awareness march against drugs on the village streets on Tuesday. They pasted posters of “Loko jaago, nashaa tiago” on the village streets.

Harinder Singh, a resident of Bhinder Kalan village, said: “We will not only help drug addicts to get treatment but also help the police in nabbing smugglers,” he said.

“For years we have been telling the local police to take steps against the illegal sale of drugs, but to no avail. Now, the problem of drugs has multiplied manifolds. The time has come to take initiative on our own. We have passed a resolution in the panchayat to boycott addicts and help the police in nabbing smugglers,” he added.

The move came after Moga SSP Gurpreet Singh Toor launched a drive against drugs a few weeks ago. “I am happy that a lot of villages in the district have voluntarily come forward to help the police in nabbing peddlers,” he said.

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