Brexit: DUP says taking no deal off table not sensible

Category : UK News
Updated On : March 13, 2019 10:38 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Parliament voting to take a no-deal Brexit off the table would not be a "sensible way forward", a Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) MP has said. Nigel Dodds said the very principle would "give leverage and power to the other side in the negotiation".

MPs are due to vote on a motion to rule out the UK leaving the EU with no deal in the Commons later. It was promised because the prime minister lost a second vote on her Brexit deal in Parliament by 149 votes.

Addressing the Commons after losing the vote, Theresa May confirmed MPs would get a vote on whether the UK should leave without a deal on 29 March and, if that fails, on whether Brexit should be delayed.

Mr Dodds, who is the DUP's Westminster leader, said it was likely his party would vote against the motion to rule out no deal. "We don't believe as a general principle that taking no deal off the table is a sensible way forward," he said. "We will wait and see what the terms of the motion are tonight.

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