EU elections: Heidi Allen calls Nigel Farage 'a coward' over live TV debate refusal

Category : UK News
Updated On : May 15, 2019 02:39 AM
By Indian Times Daily

Change UK leader Heidi Allen has called Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage "a coward" after he refused to take part in a live TV debate with her ahead of the European elections. Ms Allen, whose party backs remaining in the EU, accused Mr Farage of arrogance.

Ms Allen had said she thought a debate was "overdue" as there was "so much at stake" in the vote on 23 May. Mr Farage declined her offer, asking: "Who is she?"

The challenge was made on Monday night at a Change UK rally in Cardiff. Ms Allen - who left the Conservatives to join the recently-formed party - said she wanted to put the case for the "open, global, outward Britain that I know that we are".

Told of Mr Farage's refusal, she said: "That's very disappointing. "In all seriousness, if he has said 'no' that displays to me a level of arrogance that says he thinks that his view is the only one that matters and that the British people are only entitled to listen to his view.

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