Hoarse, twice defeated, won't give up on Brexit: Theresa May

Category : UK News
Updated On : March 13, 2019 10:36 PM
By Indian Times Daily

Her voice is hoarse from talking, her authority waning, and her overriding political goal taking Britain out of the European Union with a negotiated deal seems like a mirage.

Yet British Prime Minister Theresa May keeps going, declining to resign despite two successive parliamentary defeats of historic proportion. She is still pushing her agreement, ignoring ample evidence that Parliament won't buy it and the Europeans won't sweeten it. Britons seem divided between expressing admiration for her fortitude and wondering how badly her head must hurt from continually banging it against the wall.

Her position is weak: May leads a minority government that depends on a small Northern Ireland party to keep her in power, and that party and many of her own Conservatives have twice voted against her withdrawal plan.

``I think it is time to realize that if two votes have gone unsuccessful then she really needs to consider things,'' said artist Louise Webb in the port city of Dover, suggesting it may be time for May to step down.

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